VIP & Spa

VIP & Spa Services

VIP Room – 15 

Do you need to unwind with your best friend or significant other? Do you want to enjoy a more private, VIP style relaxing experience? Look no further and book your VIP service today! 

The VIP space comes with two of the most luxurious pedicure massage spa chairs. Clients can enter and exit through a private corridor of the building and enjoy complimentary premium wine, beer and refreshments. You can watch your favorite television show, read a book or put on an eye mask and take a nap. Come experience the ultimate in relaxation…the RETENTION NAILS & SPA™ way.

Pedicure Chair Massage – 30 mins 25 | 60 mins 45

Relax and get a massage in one of our high- quality pedicure chairs.  Scientific studies have shown that getting an automated back massage can induce measurable relaxation in muscles not directly massaged.  This is a great way to improve your mental and physical health.



Design Consultation – 35 |  per session

Our professionals aren’t just nail techs, they’re artists. We are happy to offer consultation services to help you achieve the look that you desire. It starts with a consultation and a test manicure so you can try on different looks and tailor your manicure to your theme or color palate. Our goal is to help you achieve the perfect look. Come talk with us about design needs for any of the following:

  • Corporate/Professional
  • Bridal
  • Fashion Shows
  • Concept Events
  • Kids Events
  • Experiential Events


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