Wellness with Dr. Do

Dr. Teresa Do

This page will feature posts and highlights about various wellness topics and articles by Dr. Teresa Do. For now, learn more about her and the story behind Retention Nails & Spa.

About Dr. Teresa Do, Owner of Retention Nails & Spa

Tell us about yourself…what brought you to Charlotte?

From the time I was a little girl, I was drawn to care-giving. My first job was at a nursing home at the age of 15 and I’ve been working ever since. My love for care-giving led me into a career as a physician. I made Charlotte my home when I accepted an opportunity to lead a medical team for one of the city’s largest hospital systems.

I feel that helping patients go from being sick to well, even maintaining health is my purpose…it has been extremely rewarding. Launching RETENTION NAILS & SPA™ is very exciting for me. This business is a way for me to get connected with the community of Charlotte. It also helps me retain my love of being a doctor. Many people may not realize the medical connection of a nail and spa business. I will equip my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to live healthy lives. With my entire family living elsewhere, I could have easily chosen to live closer to them. However, I believe that I am in Charlotte for a reason and today, RETENTION NAILS & SPA™ is the best way for me to continue my journey as a doctor.

What’s behind the name Retention Nails & Spa?

There are a few reasons behind why I chose the name RETENTION NAILS & SPA™. First and foremost, I believe that the success of a business is directly tied to client retention and satisfaction. As a doctor, I view all patrons of RETENTION NAILS & SPA™ as clients. It is my hope that they retain the self-care tips and knowledge that they gain under our care and live holistically healthy lifestyles. We want our clients to leave with more than great nails and beautiful skin, we want them to leave healthy — mind, body and spirit.

I also want to retain my employees. I believe that a company’s employee retention is directly related to how employees are treated. Happy employees are respected employees, they’re fulfilled by helping others, making an impact. They’re also invested in through training opportunities, competitive compensation and paid time off. I am committed to being that type of employer.

What Sets Retention Nails & Spa apart?

Aside from the modern, hip, custom-designed space, RETENTION NAILS & SPA™ will have protocols and processes in place to ensure that everyone has a clean, safe and healthy environment. I have invested in the best tools to disinfect and sterilize our equipment. One-time use pedicure tools, basin liners and other solutions will be also used to ensure hygiene and sanitation.

Also, we won’t let our clients leave unless they’re happy with their service(s). Every client will walk away having had a superior level of service and a positive, uplifting experience – every time. Consistency is what will help us achieve our goal of retention.